The Water


The product sold is premium water of the purest quality due to its origins in the natural environment. A considerable portion of the water comes from glaciers; which are among the largest in Europe. The water also comes from the depths of lava stone formations and is naturally filtered by ancient lava fields. It is enriched with minerals, is high in natural oxygen (9,4 mg/l) & pH (8,5–8,8), which makes it an alkaline water. Unlike other premium waters, it contains very low amounts of sodium, no additives and only minor degrees of dissolved solids.

icewater diagramm

The source

Glacier water is the purest water known to us today. It comes from a region that has historically been and still is virtually untouched by the industrialized world. Geographically, it is associated with being a pristine, natural, barely populated island bordering on the arctic circle. Politically and logistically, it offers a unique positioning for ease of entry into the European ports and, thus, the markets of the world.


The Packaging

We offer the right package for each market, consumer and occasion: PET, glass, Tetra Pak, Bag-in-box. If you have packaging facilities, we can also ship bulk water.


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